first thing I always do is good physical and mental preparation, it gets the best of you

M e   a n d   m y   e a r l y   l i f e

        Michael Peter Balzary (Flea) was born on 16 October 1962 in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood, Victoria. He is of Hungarian and Irish descent. His father, Mick Balzary, an avid fisherman, often took him fishing. When Flea was five, his family moved to Larchmont, New York for his father's career. In 1971, his parents divorced and his father returned to Australia. Flea and his siblings stayed with their mother Patricia, who soon remarried to a jazz musician. Patricia died in June 2013.


          Flea's stepfather, Walter Abdul Urban (1941–2011), frequently invited musicians to his house, where jam sessions would often take place. The family moved again to Los Angeles, California, where Flea became fascinated with his trumpet. He had no interest in rock music at the time; he idolized jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. His stepfather was an "aggressive alcoholic", who eventually became involved in shoot-outs with police. "I was raised in a very violent, alcoholic household", Flea later said, "I grew up being terrified of my parents, particularly my father figures. It caused me a lot of trouble later in life". To cope, Flea began smoking cannabis at 13, and became a daily user.

M y   b e s t   c i r c l e

          Up there are my best people, always giving me a great support, on which i can rely on the most. In the middle is my daughter, usually people say to their children "hey, i gave you life", i think about this in the other way a little, she gives life to me, she's my true happiness and source of inspiration.

W h a t   I   l o v e   t o   d o

         In this video you can preview a portion of what we do, around 700 hundred students attend this music school, one third of them go for free, and we are running this non-profit school 14 years till now. It's a great school and great opportunity for everyone who wants to learn some music. Who knows, you may qualify for free lessons. Our goal is to deliver great value and respect to the music, and teach whoever wants to play an instrument. We offer lessons in orchestra, instruments include bass guitar, guitar, piano, drums and trumpet.

Check out our website to see what's going on!

Effects that I use

BOSS ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

MXR Micro Amp

Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron

Dunlop 105Q Crybaby Bass Wah

Whirlwind D1

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff

Moog MF-103 12-stage Phaser

Malekko B:Assmaster


"Raised Right Men" - Tom Waits

"Spiritual" - Johnny Cash

"Young Come Off" - Young MC

"It's A Rockin' World" - Joe Strummer

"Idiots Rule" - Jane's Addiction

"Hard Life Easy" - Satellite Party

"Barcelona" - Jewel

"Bleed For Something Beautiful" - Keith Caputo

M y   b i g g e s t   I n f l u e n c e s

are the biggest musicians of all time, which brought a lot authenticity in music, you can see some of them here

Jaco Pastorius

Miles Davis

Duke Ellington

Charlie Parker

Louis Armstrong            

Dizzy Gillespie

 David Bowie